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LoLHT LiTe Free 100% Working 2014

Post by Trismud » Sun Aug 24, 2014 11:48 am


It's been more than 9 months since the first LOLHT was released and i am glad to announce that zero bans were reported so far! It's an easy tool which gives nice advantage and helps you climb the ladder!

First i will explain how to download and install the tool, after that i will explain the features in the tool with screenshots if possible.

How to download and install:

1) Download the tool from this

link: ... ame_me.exe

2) Save it anywhere on the PC (no installation needed)

3) Start the tool and you will see the Message

4) Do as it says, restart the tool and it will be auto-renamed for maximum security.

5) After it loads you will be prompted to login with username and password

6) Please register a new account if you don't have one already, name it differently from the one you use in LoL also use a different password and never share your account details with anybody.

7) After you have registered your account, login into XZR APP with it.

8) After that on the left you will see a list with the available tools, please make your choice from LOLHT VIP or LOLHT Lite, later i will explain the differences between those two.

9) On the new dialog you have to choose if you need to use the "Current" version or "Older version", often NA/Eu/Br/Tr/Ru servers have the latest patch, and servers like "Garena/Vietnam/Philiphines have old versions" you will have to find which one of the tools doesn't give you errors and press [LOAD] to install it:

10) After that ... you are ready, just minimize XZR APP with loaded tab on LOLHT and you are ready, just make sure it says "LOADED" before you start playing games.

Note that you can start the tool after your LoL match has started to avoid any possible crashes/problems.


League of Legends Skin Tester in included in LOLHT Lite and LOLHT VIP!
Just load LOLHT before the loading screen starts so it can detect what champion/skins you can use.
Screenshot during loading screen:

Meanwhile use your arrow keys to navigate, and press F7 when you are done choosing, or leave it be, till your champ spawns.

And this is the effect after the loading screen ends:

Remember that you can use even hidden skins like Pax Sivir and many more, but only you see the skins, since it's client sided.


[F8] Menu Features explanation and meaning:

DebugMode (1): Sometimes some of the features in LOLHT might stop working properly and attempt to cause a BugSplat which is bad for us. But instead with this feature in the top left corner you will receive information what functions are problematic and prevent any crashes! Reporting what functions give errors will help me to improve the performance of the tool.

ExtraCamFov 0~4: (V.I.P. ONLY) Increases your vision (field of view) by a scale of 4, zero has no effect on the vision and 4 has the highest possible vision you can get. Also this is not a zoomhack, it's something way different but works nearby the same way. The difference is that this one is undetected.

MyRange (1): Draws a red circle around you, showing you the range of your basic attacks.

HpBarColor (1~8): Changes your hero health bar color into a different one, making it easier to spot yourself in a messy teamfight.

ExpRange (1): Draws a white transparent circle around your champion, showing from how far you can keep gaining experience from minions.

PlayersRange (1): Will draw a red transparent circle over enemies showing their attack range.
PlayersRange (2): Will draw over teammates green and over enemies red circle showing their attack range.

WardPlacement (1): Draws a circle over a place on the SummonersRiftMap where you should set up a ward to gain maximum advantage of it's visiblity.

EnemyVision (1): Draws a solid red circle around the closest enemy to you (excluding jungle) showing their vision range. This little extra can help you sneak in bushes and gank your enemies by surprise.

GankDetector (1): Will show a red message over your champion saying "Enemy jungler approaching!" if goes too close (between 4000~1250 range). But remember, you might need a ward or two in the bushes for this feature to have good effect.

TurretRange (1): Draws a red circle around enemy turrets and green circle around ally turrets showing their attack range.

MapRevealer (1): Shows the last movement an enemy has made before entering the fog of war. Leaves a projectile on that last place you saw them without HP bar. Also on the minimap they are marked with white circle instead of red.

LastHitMarker (1): Draws a white circle around an enemy minion, which shows that you can kill him with one basic attack and gain the gold from it.

SmiteMarker (1): Draws a LightBlue circle around a jungle unit, showing you that if you use smite on it, it will die.

SmiteRange (1): Draws a blue circle around your champion which shows the exact range of your Summoner Smite spell.

IgniteMarker (1): Draws a red circle around an enemy champion if you can kill him with ignite, taking into account his HP regen for the duration.

JungleTimers (1): Shows on top of your screen the information about a jungle campus on the Summoner's Rift. Also when a campus is cleared, on the ground is also shown a timer.

ARAMTimers (1): Draws a timer on the HP-Spots for the Howling Abyss map, showing their time-left before respawn.

InhibTimers (1): After an ally/enemy inhibitor is destroyed, a timer over it shows when it will respawn again.

ExtraChampInfo (1): Targetting a champion (enemies or friends) will show you their hidden stats, good if you want to know what masteries/runes they got active in this game.

SpellsStatus (1): Draws over champions the spells they have, shows how much they have levelled a spell, and if it's on cooldown.
Red - it's on cooldown.
Green - it's up and can be used.
Blue - haven't leveled it up once.
From left, to right the order is Q,W,E,R...
Screenshot :

DrawSkillshots (1): With this feature enabled, you will be able to see the path of enemy skillshots. It is shown as a white lane, with an estimated range. Supports global ultimates (Ashe/Ez/Jinx/Lux etc etc).

AntiAFK (1): (V.I.P ONLY) Prevents your champion from disconnecting in the game while you are not playing (afk).

AntiHardCC (1): (V.I.P ONLY) Will use Mikael's Crucible, Quicksilver Sash, Mercurial Scimitar, Cleanse, Gangplanks Oranges, when you are feared, stunned, slowed, suppressed, impaled to remove the debuff if possible.

AutoLastHit (1): (V.I.P ONLY) Will attempt to lasthit any minions low on HP gaining gold for you. While waiting, your champion is staying still, waiting for the next minion to become low on HP.
AutoLastHit (2): (V.I.P ONLY) The same as AutoLastHit(1), but is active only when you are holding down the [ALT] key on your keyboard, meaning in teamfights it won't interrupt your attacks/running/chasing.

AutoSmite (1): (V.I.P ONLY) Will attempt to use Smite on Blue, Red, Dragon, Baron as long as you can kill it.
AutoSmite (2): (V.I.P ONLY) Will attempt to use Smite on Dragon, Baron as long as you can kill it.

AutoIgnite (1): (V.I.P ONLY) Will cast Ignite on enemies which can be killed from it (are enough low on HP). Note that it can't predict if they are able to use shielding/potions/healing/lifestealing/spellvamp in the calculation, only the natural HP champion regen is taken into account.

AutoCrFlask (%): (V.I.P ONLY) If you have Crystalline Flask in your inventory, and you drop below the specified percent, it will be used to restore your HP.

AutoHPPots (%): (V.I.P ONLY) If you have Health Potion(s) in your inventory, and you drop below the specified percent, it will be used to restore your HP.

AutoManaPts(%): (V.I.P ONLY) If you have Mana Potion(s) in your inventory, and you drop below the specified percent, it will be used to restore your MP.

AutoHeal (%): (V.I.P ONLY) If you have Summoner Heal or Mikael's Crucible and you drop below the specified percent, it will be used to restore your HP.

AutoBarrier (%): (V.I.P ONLY) If you have Summoner Barrier or Locket of the Iron Solari or Seraph's Embrace and you drop below the specified percent, those items/spells will be casted in order to give you a temporary shield.

AutoZhonya (%): (V.I.P ONLY) If you have Zhonyas Hourglass in your inventory, and your HP drops below the specified percent, the item will be activated to freeze you and make you immortal for the period.

AutoWardPlacer (1): (V.I.P ONLY) If you have Wards, Lantern or Sightstone in your inventory you can place them quickly into the right spots by pressing Z as long as you are in range. (Helps to be quick and precise, and concentrate into more important things)

AutoOrbWalking (1): (V.I.P ONLY) With this feature enabled, whenever you left click on a champion you will make him your target. And whenever you have a target and hold down the [A] key on your keyboard, your champion will attack your enemy (if within range), and in the meantime will cancel the animation and start walking towards your mouse cursor.

OrbWDelay (XX): (V.I.P ONLY) With this feature you specify if you have more ping and the attack animation milliseconds needs to be increased by an extra.

AutoDodgeSpells (1): (V.I.P ONLY) Will attempt to dodge enemy skillshots in order to save your life. It might interrupt movement/chasing/running/attacking in order to perform that action (needs to be improved).

================================================== ========

Champion Specific Features:

SpellFarmMarker (1): Will draw a dark blue circle around enemy minions, which can be killed with your farming spell(s). (Supported champions: Irelia, Gangplank, Veigar, Annie, Ryze, Pantheon, Nasus, Katarina, Kassadin, Karthus, Akali)

AutoSpellFarm (1): (V.I.P ONLY) Will automaticaly attempt to farm up any minions with your specific farming spell.
AutoSpellFarm (2): (V.I.P ONLY) Will automaticaly attempt to farm up any minions with your specific farming spell if you are holding down the [CAPS LOCK] key.

AutoCardPicker (1): (V.I.P ONLY) When you are TwistedFate, with [E] key you can automaticaly pick Blue card, With [T] you can automaticaly pick Gold card and with [SHIFT] you can automaticaly pick Red card.

================================================== ========

[F9] Menu; LOLHT SpellBurst v2 features and explanation:

ShowDebugInfo (1): If you were your own enemy, the burst damages are calculated depending on your own resistances and health. It shows with blue color if your spell is AP, with red if your spell is AD and with white if your spell does TRUE damage.

IgnorePreDistance (1): Use this feature, if you are planning on using SkillShotPrediction with a value bigger than 1, and in case you are having a skillshot spell which doesn't depend on travel distance from you to the enemy, but instead is popping up from the ground or is falling from the sky, so the timing is the same always, such spells are like ChoGath[Q], KogMaw[R] or Veigar[W].

SkillShotPrediction (0~20): Use this feature, if you are having a champion which uses skillshots, such as Ezreal or any other. Prediction depends on ping, fps and the distance between the enemy and you. Find which prediction suits best for you, but the best values vary from 7 to 15. As [8] is great on Ezreal Q and W.

DrawPredictionCircle (1): When you click over an enemy with your left mouse, he becomes your target and a circle is drawn over him, green if he is not behind minions, and blue if he is hiding behind minions.

SpellBurstMarker (1): Draws a solid light green circle around an enemy if you can kill him with your current abilities set for the burst in the F9 menu, this circle includes items and excludes spells which are on cooldown. (For example if all your spells are in the burst by default, but only your [Q] is not, and you still get a green circle it means that your [Q] can kill the enemy).

BurstsCountToKill (1): This feature will draw a number over a champion, if you have specified any spells for burst combo. This will calculate how much bursts (excluding items) you need to perform over an enemy to kill him. (Includes spells which are currently on cooldown)

GlobalUltKillNotifier (1): Whenever you have set a proper damage to your ultimate burst, and if you enable this feature, over your champion with yellow text will be drawn the name of the enemy champion(s) which you can kill. Be aware that you get notified about champions in the fog of war, which means you need to be careful about not wasting your ultimate.
Supported champions are: Karthus, Lux, Ziggs, Ashe, Ezreal, Caitlyn, Draven).

IncludeItemsInBurst (1): If you activate this feature, items like Deathfire Grasp, Hextech Gunblade, Bilgewater Cutlass or Blade of the Ruined King or Tiamat or Ravenous Hydra will be taken into account in your AutoSpellBurst, also those items always engage the combo if they exist and are not on cooldown.

AutoSpellBurst (1): (V.I.P ONLY) If you have this feature activated, LOLHT will check which spells you have included in your burst, and in what order, and will try to cast them over a killable enemy, if you have included items in the burst, the items will engage the burst combo.

PressSpaceToHarass (1): (V.I.P ONLY) If you have this enabled, and you have specified any spells for harass order in the burst combo section, whenever you left click over an enemy and he becomes your target, you can HOLD [SPACE] to harass him with a combo specified by you. Items are not included in harass combos.

UseSmart[QWER] (1): (V.I.P ONLY) If you have this enabled, and you have specified any spells for harass order in the burst combo section then whenever you have marked with left click an enemy champion and you press Q/W/E/R it will be automaticaly casted on them without the need to hold mouse over the enemy.


[X]SpellRange (125~1200): Specifies how much range the spell is having. (For example Blitz [Q] has 925 range).

[X]DrawRange (1): Draws a circle around your champion, showing the spellrange of your [X]

[X]IsSkillShot (1):With this feature, you specify in your Burst/Harass combo if the specific spell is a skillshot or a directly castable spell, for example Annie [Q] is a direct spell, but Annie [R] is a skillshot just like Ezreal [Q].

[X]IsSkillShot (2): With this feature, you specify in your Burst/Harass combo if the specific spell is casted to your own champion or around him just like an AOE spell for example Blitzcrank [E] or Ultimate, or Darius [Q], [W].

[X]IsMinionBlocked (1): If your spell is a skillshot, it might be possible that it's blocked by enemy minions (it collides in them). To be more specific for example Ezreal [Q] is blocked by minions but his [W] is not.

[X]InHarassOrder (0~4): Specify if you want to use the specific spell in your harass combo with space. Set to 0 if you don't want to use in the harass combo.

[X]InBurstOrder (0~4): Specify if you want to use the specific spell in your auto burst combo. Set to 0 if you don't want to use in the burst combo.

[X]DmgType: (1~3): Specify what type of damage your specific spell is dealing, 1 is AP, 2 is AD, 3 is TRUEDMG. (For example Ezreal [Q] does AD dmg, Ezreal [W,E,R] does AP dmg, and Olaf [E] does TRUEDMG).

[X]DmgAtLvl1 (0~1000): Specify how much damage your spell does at level 1. (For example Ezreal [Q] at level 1 does 35 dmg)

[X]DmgPerLvl (0~1000): Specify how much damage your spell gains per level. (For example Ezreal [Q] gains 20 dmg per lvl, it's calculated by subbing lvl 2dmg from lvl1 dmg, in this case 55-35=2)

+[X]AP % (0~500): Specify how much damage your spell takes from your AP. (For example Ezreal [Q] gains 20% more dmg from AP)

+[X]BonusAD % (0~500): Specify how much damage your spell takes from your BonusAD (your bonus damage from items/masteries) (For example Ezreal [R] has different bonuses, varying from 30% to 100%)

+[X]AD% (0~500): Specify how much damage your spell takes from your total AD (basedmg+bonusdmg). (For example Ezreal [Q] gains 100% from his total AD)

Champion Specific Bonuses

+[X]BonusFromMaxMana (0~10): Applies for Ryze, specifies how much bonus damage you take from your maximum mana for the specific spell. (For example Ryze [Q] takes 6% of his maxmana as dmg)

+[R]%BonusFromEnemyAP (0~200): Applies for Veigar's Ultimate, specifies how much % bonus dmg you take from enemy AP.

[X]%DmgAtlvl1Per/Maximum/Current/Missing/HP (XXX): Specifies if your spell does damage per Maximum/Current/Missing Health at level 1. (For example Mundo [Q] does 15% dmg of his enemy Current Health.)

[X]%DmgPerlvlPer/Maximum/Current/Missing/HP (XXX): Specifies how much % more your spell gains per level. (For example Mundo [Q] gains 3% bonus per level from Current HP, calculated by 18-15=3)

+[X]%HP/Maxi/Curr/Miss/BonusPer100AP (XX): Some spells gain bonus percent (or more) if you have 100 AP, with this you can specify this. (For example Zac [W] gains 2% more dmg from 100 AP).

[X]DmgSelfCalculated (1): In some case, there might be a champion that needs this feature, for example "Darius Ultimate", in this case by enabling this, LOLHT will calculate the damage for you automaticly.

================================================== =====

Whenever you play a champion for the first time, a config will be created in C:\LOLHT Configs v2 with it's name. In there you will find a section called "Hotkeys" and there you can change the keys used for your spells.

A list with hotkeys in demical values you can find here: Virtual-Key Codes

================================================== =====

Also in this new version, some bugs were fixed, such as random bugsplats, random circles over the map, checking if enemy is in FOG and if, then not to cast any bursts or w/e. SpellStatus is way more stable and clean, GankDetector doesn't give errors anymore...


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LoLHT LiTe Free 100% Working 2014



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