Kunkka 6.86 Changes

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Kunkka 6.86 Changes

Post by chad » Thu Dec 17, 2015 3:43 pm

Kunkka or Admiral got many changes to his abilities in the latest patch of Dota. I say he became stronger.

1. His ulti now Aghanims Scepter upgradable

- Ghost Ship drags enemies within 200 AoE to the crash site.

- The ship starts from where you are instead of from behind

2. Torrent now give you and your allies vision on the area immediately after casting instead of only when triggered.

3. Tidebringer is now an active ability, it can be auto casted or casted to a target at any time.

4. Tidebringer bonus damage increased from 20/35/ 50/65 to 25/40/5/70

5. Tidebringer AoE is rescaled from 500/500/500/600 to 450/500/550/600

6. His ulti Ghost Ship mana cost is reduced from 150/200/250 to 125/175/225

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Kunkka 6.86 Changes



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