How to get free Steam Gift Card

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How to get free Steam Gift Card

Post by GameMaster » Sun May 31, 2015 1:32 pm

Here's a legit way to get steam gift cards without spending any money. All you need is an android phone or tablet and internet connection.
158234 (1).jpg
This is not a hack or scam

No need to provide your Steam account.
No need to pay anything.
No need for cards.

We will use an android app which gives you $ by just downloading games and apps. You will then convert your earnings to steam gift cards. With this tutorial you will get $.30 to start off, just make sure to use the code below to get the free .30 USD.


1. Go to Playstore
2. Search and download WHAFF Rewards.
3. Open the app and you will be prompted to enter a code, use this one: AQ17601 to claim your free $.30 (or vise versa, you need to login first before entering the code)
4. Login using your facebook account, click the log in button at the top (you might be required to enter captcha to confirm that you're not a bot) Again don't forget to use this invite code AQ17601 to get your free .30 dollars.
5. There you go, you are now ready to earn, go to WHAFF picks and download the apps listed there, once you've collected $12 you can now convert that to Steam Gift Card.
Once you earn a minimum of $12 dollars you can now get your gift card.
How to get your earnings:

1. Open menu.
2. Click Payout and choose the amount of steam gift card.
3. Click Request and just wait for your steam gift card.

If you're in from the Philippines I advise you to get your payout via paypal and use your paypal to buy in Dota2 store.

*RULES in using WHAFF:

Do not use VPN/Proxy.
Do not use multiple user ID or accounts in one device.
Do not use multiple device to log in your account.
*Simply means you can only use one facebook account in one device when using WHAFF.

Whaff rules are strict, you will be banned if you violate.

You can also join in our giveaways on our partner website to win Steam Wallet Codes, Dota2 Items, Hero Sets & Arcanas. Visit
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How to get free Steam Gift Card



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Re: How to get free Steam Gift Card

Post by Mark » Sun May 31, 2015 2:54 pm

mabilis lang po ba ma earn yung $12?

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Re: How to get free Steam Gift Card

Post by alison » Tue Jun 02, 2015 12:24 pm

nice one sir try ko to :-*

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