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Can I buy pirated Playstation games?

Posted: Fri Sep 30, 2016 12:18 am
by CyberPunk
Many people are asking me about this, we all know that brand new/original games of your favorite ps2, ps3 games are so expensive so we want to buy cheap ones.

You can see lots of cheap PS games that costs less than $2, and you can buy and play those with your console only if it is jailbroken. so when buying a console you may want to look for jailbroken one so you can play pirated games in it. You can also look for shops in your place who do playstation jailbreaking services if the console you bought is not jailbroken yet.

The negative effects of jailbroken PS though is you can't play online games and the warranty (if you bought it brand new) will be voided, although some jailbroken consoles can still play online games.

The only PS consoles that can be jailbroken yet is PS2 and PS3.