Xmod for Clash of Clans Guide

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Xmod for Clash of Clans Guide

Post by GameMaster » Sat Oct 31, 2015 9:42 pm

Xmod is one of the best bot/mod/tool for COC and it's completely free to use!, its main features are: sandbox attack, auto search, keep active, and more. I will explain these one by one later. Reminder Xmod is not a cheat or hack, you won't be banned if you use this.

I will show you first how to download and install Xmod games, you can use it in iOS and Android devices but not in bluestacks or any other mobile platform simulators.

Before we start, If you're using android, make sure your device is rooted. If you're android device isn't rooted yet go to kingoapp.com, you will find there the download link and instructions on how to root.

Okay here we go with the steps on how to use Xmod:

1. Go to xmodgames.com, download (choose between iOS and Android), this tutorial is for android users only, I will create a tutorial for IOS users soon.
2. After the x.apk file is downloaded, open and install.

3. Open the Xmodgames app after installation, you will see the list of games you can mod, click on Clash of Clans (don't click on launch yet).
4. Click on the Install button below, wait for it to install and click on x after it's done.
5. Now click on launch to start your COC game, once you're in the game you will see a small robot icon at the left side, click on the robot icon to open xmod.
6. There you will see the options capture (take a screenshot), record (record the screen), forum, chat and recommend button. Click on the blue Xmod button below to open the main xmod app.
Now here's a brief understanding of all the functions available:

1. Copy layout - Here you can copy the base design of any village you visit or scout.

2. Real time Trap/Tesla - Check this option to see the hidden traps when attacking.

3. Sandbox Attack - Enables you to simulate attack a base, this is very useful in clan wars to test the base of the enemy before actually attacking it.

Here you can set your target's castle troops, set your castle troops, set the troops and spells you wanna use to attack (troops and spells created here are just simulators, you don't really train and brew).

4. Auto Search - Automatically search for bases to attack in multiplayer, you can set specific conditions eg. amount of gold and elixir, number of trophies, town hall level, distance of TH from the edge (to find town halls placed outside the base, experiment between the numbers to get the highest success rate

Meet all conditions - Option whether to meet all the conditions in auto search or not.

5. Keep Active - The most common feature that COC bots have, it keeps you online and active all the time to prevent your base from being attacked.

If you will use Xmod for your COC the next time, open first the xmodgames app and it's there where you will launch Clash of Clans to get the Xmod running.

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Xmod for Clash of Clans Guide



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Re: Xmod for Clash of Clans Guide

Post by pinoygamer » Sat Oct 31, 2015 9:47 pm

finally a xmod guide! :ymapplause:

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Re: Xmod for Clash of Clans Guide

Post by chad » Sat Oct 31, 2015 9:49 pm

thanks for this sir :D :)

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Re: Xmod for Clash of Clans Guide

Post by alison » Sat Oct 31, 2015 9:51 pm

I've waited for this tutorial, finally :ymparty:

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Re: Xmod for Clash of Clans Guide

Post by fidel » Sat Oct 31, 2015 9:52 pm

nice guide! simple yet complete

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