COC New Shield System

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COC New Shield System

Post by pinoygamer » Fri Nov 27, 2015 2:49 pm

Along with the December update is the new shield system in clash of clans, here are the changes made on how shields work:

1. You will no longer get a shield once your town hall is destroyed - No more TH sniping! No town halls will be placed outside.

2. You can now attack while you have a shield! If you attack or raid with an active shield, your shield won't be disabled hence your shield time will just be reduced.

*The amount of shield time is increased with more attacks, eg. the first attack will deduct 3 hours from your total shield time and the second attack will deduct 4 hours and so on.

3. You won't get a shield if the attacker didn't use more than 1/3 of his troops.

4. You will only get a shield if your base is destroyed by 30%, the shield time is longer depending on the percentage of destruction:

30% - 12 hour shield
60% - 14 hour shield
90% - 16 hour shield

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COC New Shield System



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