Best Farming Strategy in COC 2016

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Best Farming Strategy in COC 2016

Post by james » Sat Jan 02, 2016 1:36 pm

Since the huge December 2015 update came in clash of clans, we now need to update our strategies in farming. Here's a simple guide in farming, and because barchers is not that effective with the new update, you need to think of another combination of troops.

Using Giants + Archers (+ Healing Spell and Poison if you already have them)

This strategy was also used before the update but now it's more effective. If your army camp capacity is 200, you may use 20 giants and 100 archers, then brew 2 or 3 healing spells. You can increase or decrease the number of giants if you want.

Now when attacking, deploy the giants first then deploy the archers behind. Once you've destroyed at least 20% deploy your barbarian king, then deploy the remaining archers behind the barbarian king.

You may also use wizards instead of archers, it's more expensive though. Or combo of archers + barbarians + giants.

I also recommend going to the higher league to get higher loot bonus, the new update increased loot bonuses. Keep in mind also that loot bonus percentage depends on the percentage of destruction, you will get 100% bonus loot if you've destroyed the enemy base at least 70%.

The town hall now stores a big amount of loot, it's equivalent to 1 gold storage, 1 elixir storage, and half of the dark elixir.

You may also share your farming strategy here :)

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Best Farming Strategy in COC 2016



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