Earn Money with G2A.com Affiliate/Goldmine

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Earn Money with G2A.com Affiliate/Goldmine

Post by GameMaster » Sat Jan 28, 2017 8:04 pm

If you've heard about someone making money with G2A.com and wonder if how they do that, here's a very simple guide.

G2A.com is basically an online store where you can buy all kinds of games for all platforms and genres, the best part is you can get up to 93% discount!

Now how do you actually earn from G2A? It's through affiliate marketing (if you haven't heard of affiliate marketing yet, here you promote their products and earn money for every purchase from your affiliate or referral link) It's a win win situation actually, your friends will save money when purchasing games and at the same time you earn from it :)

How to get your referral link? you just need to have an account at G2A Goldmine, spread this referral link to your friends and their friends and get commission whenever they purchase at G2A.

If you don't have an affiliate account at G2A yet, register for free here G2A Goldmine it's fast and easy.

My tips to promote your referral link, where to promote your link:

- Join facebook groups (gaming related groups specifically) and promote your link.
- If you have a facebook page related to games with lots of likes you can promote your link there.
- Streaming or Youtube, if your a gamer and you do livestream at twitch.tv you can promote your link with your viewers. the same goes with Youtube, put your referral link at your video description.

These tips are proven effective atleast from my own experience :) Hurry up! be a G2A affiliate now and refer your friends before someone does! From being a G2A affiliate I could earn enough money for my daily needs mainly food.

G2A Goldmine

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Earn Money with G2A.com Affiliate/Goldmine



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