BullSF Hack Free?

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BullSF Hack Free?

Post by alison » Tue May 03, 2016 10:05 pm

Bull Games/Bull Network has released a new private server for the old but gold fps game SF/Special Force/Soldier Front called BullSF, and they promise to make it hack free.

The question is can they maintain the game server and make it as clean as possible? SF players all know the struggle of playing with cheaters using wallhacks, speedhacks, no-recoil or any other types of cheats that make you wanna punch them in the face.

Well we just hope they could make it a clean and happy gaming community unlike the predecessors who once run the game namely DFI games and aeria games which obviously dropped the game due to uncontrollable cheaters.

As they say in their website "bringing back the good times", we hope they could really bring back the exciting FPS experience we once got addicted, maintain it and don't disappoint us by just stopping the game service. I once had a major yellow account in SF DFI games and all of a sudden we cannot play the game.

So if I were you guys don't support hacks, you should report cheaters immediately and let's keep it a clean and fun community!

BullSF website

#SupportBullSF #HackFree #PureSkill #SFNeverDies

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BullSF Hack Free?



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Re: BullSF Hack Free?

Post by duterte13 » Sat Sep 24, 2016 5:15 pm


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