Legit Way to Get FREE Clash Royale Gems!

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Legit Way to Get FREE Clash Royale Gems!

Post by GameMaster » Tue Mar 15, 2016 2:16 am

In the game Clash Royale, gems are used to open chests without waiting for 3 or more hours. Today I will show you how to get free legit clash royale gems. This trick is safe and this is not a hack!

No need to provide your Clash Royale account.
No need to give your personal information.
No need to pay anything.
No need for cards.
No need for hacks.

Here you only need an android device and internet connection.

I've been using this app for months already and It's time to share :) We will use rewards app which gives you $ just by downloading and playing games and apps, It's called WHAFF rewards. You can then convert your earnings to google play gift cards and use it to purchase gems for Clash royale. In this tutorial you will get free $.30 right away to start off.

Do not download apps in the internet that asks for your email and password.

So here we go:

1. Go to Play Store, download and install WHAFF Rewards.

2. After installation open the app and you will be asked to enter a code, use this promo code: AQ17601 to claim your free $.30.

3. Login using your facebook account, click the log in button at the top.

4. There you go, you are now ready to earn, go to WHAFF picks and download the apps listed there, once you've collected $12 you can now convert that to Clash Royale gems.

*RULES in using WHAFF:

Do not use VPN/Proxy.
Do not use multiple user ID or accounts in one device.
Do not use multiple device to log in your account.
*Simply means you can only use one facebook account in one device when using WHAFF.

The rules above is strictly prohibited, you will be banned if you violate.

And for those who requested here's the instructions on how to use your earnings to buy gems.

1. Go to the browse tab(left most tab) and select EXCHANGE.
2. Select Google Play Gift Cards.
3. Enter the amount you want to use.

Another way is to transfer your earnings to your paypal account, transfer to your bank and use it to purchase gems.

Install Whaff Rewards now and start earning for your gems! :D If you have any questions just ask them here

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Legit Way to Get FREE Clash Royale Gems!



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