How to Reduce Lag in Mobile Legends Philippines

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How to Reduce Lag in Mobile Legends Philippines

Post by CyberPunk » Thu Jul 19, 2018 2:56 am

So many players are experiencing lags in the game ML and in this article I will help you reduce or remove the lag.

Before I teach the solution, take note that there are two reasons why your ML game is lagging: 1. Slow mobile phone 2. Slow internet connection

How to Fix ML lag

1. Check first if your mobile phone supports the game, here are the minimum mobile system requirements to play ML smoothly:

Android 4.0+, 1G+ RAM, 4-Core CPU

If your phone is below the requirements, you should upgrade to a faster and better phone. If you don't afford a new phone, a useful trick you can try is close all other apps that are are currently running on your phone to free up your RAM.

2. Check your ping (it is at the top right of the screen). If it is above 100 then meaning you have a bad internet connection. If you are using data go to a place with better signal quality, If you are on wi-fi and still have high ping you should change your internet service provider or upgrade to a faster internet plan.

If you have a slow internet plan make sure that the people connected to your wifi are not watching youtube videos, and are not downloading games etc.

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How to Reduce Lag in Mobile Legends Philippines



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