How To be a Good Forum member in [PGO]

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How To be a Good Forum member in [PGO]

Post by Trismud » Sat Aug 30, 2014 11:59 am

Hi there! If you are new to this forum I suggest you read through this list to become a better member of the forum.

:lol: Lurk :lol:
Before posting or even joining the forum you should lurk.
Lurk - To read without commenting or contributing, therefore effectively invisible to the rest of the group or community. Generally recommended for joining any forum so that you can observe rules, attitudes and prominent personalities without jumping in and breaking a rule, making an ass of yourself, or asking a question about something obvious that you would have learned for yourself if you’d paid attention in the first place.

Without good behavior you’ll probably not be liked for obvious reasons. Good behavior includes: not being an ass to people, not cheating, respecting other people and their opinions etc. These things are basic manners everybody should know.

Don’t be a postwhore. Nobody likes a postwhore. It’s okay to post a lot if your posts have good content, but if it’s just useless stuff you should stop posting.
(May iba sa inyo post ng post ng kung ano-ano para lang madagdagan ang post count)

When posting, be clear with your questions.

Questions are easier to answer if they are clear, so be as clear as you can with your questions. If you want to add something to your question, or you want to clarify it, use the "Edit Post" tool instead of making a new post.

Use titles in question posts when appropriate.
You can add a title to a post using "Go Advanced". It adds the title in bold at the top of the post. Titles are useful especially for long questions.

Delete your original post when you bump your question.
When a question gets buried without a sufficient answer, you can bump it, but you should delete the old post first. Be patient when you're waiting for an answer, and don't continuously bump your question just to get it on the newest page. Wait at least three days before bumping a question.

Quote the question you're answering.
Use the "Reply with Quote" button when you're answering a question. Not only does this make it obvious what you're answering, it makes it easy to find the question (click on the "[>>]" in the quote and it'll bring you to the original post).

Don't answer unless you are certain.
Remember that worthless replying is against the Forum Rules. If you have a guess, don't post it unless your reply is actually useful to the person who asked the question. Also, don't just camp around in the thread answering any questions you come across that you *think* you know the answer to.

No side conversations
Anything that isn't either a question or a good answer doesn't belong in the thread. If you have any follow up questions, or feel the need to carry a conversation regarding something in the thread, just use Private Messaging.

Don't post "this belongs in the existing thread" in other question threads.
If you think a question that has a separate thread belongs in the existing thread, report the thread so that a mod can decide if it should be merged or not. If a thread gets merged into the existing thread and there's a "should've use the existing thread" post that goes unnoticed, all it does is add confusion. If you see these kinds of posts, report them so they can be deleted.

PS: If you feel like I should add something please tell me.

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How To be a Good Forum member in [PGO]



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Re: How To be a Good Forum member in [PGO]

Post by Dariru Dariru » Sun Aug 31, 2014 3:30 pm

Nice post sir. +1

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